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Ben is currently writing a new series for BBC 1 with the team behind Horrible Histories, Yonderland and Bill. All details can be found at the BBC Press Office.

About Ben Willbond

Ben Willbond is an award-winning actor and screenwriter. He has appeared widely on television and in film, including Good Omens (BBC/Amazon), Quacks (BBC), Playing House (USA Network), Horrible Histories (BBC), The Thick of It (BBC). He has appeared in numerous films, including Imagine Me & You, Starter for Ten and Bridget Jones Baby

In 2015 his debut feature, Bill, co-written with Laurence Rickard, opened in UK cinemas to critical acclaim. 

Ben lives and works in London. He has a Perrier Award, two Pointless trophies and a Lord Tavener's Cricket Tournament Shield (Runner Up 1986) on his mantlepiece. He is very lucky to be married and has two small boys who make more noise than a jet breaking the sound barrier. 

Check back for details of upcoming appearances and show announcements. 



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